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POV/New York Times Interactive Documentary Project About Race

Transforming audiences into advocates

POV/New York Times Interactive Documentary Project About Race


What happens when a documentary mediamaker embeds with a bunch of great journalists at a storied newspaper? The PBS documentary series POV (pbs.org/pov) and The New York Times (nytimes.com) are going to find out.

We’re seeking a documentary filmmaker, a creator, or a creative technologist rooted in documentary storytelling to work for 20 weeks at The New York Times alongside some of its most creative journalists. You’ll create new forms of documentary and interactive content with a team of Times writers, editors and visual storytellers involved in Race/Related, a newsletter and reporting project exploring race as it is lived today.

If “filmmaker” comes further down on your CV, stay with us. If you’re a YouTube creator or a film- and camera-savvy technologist who has told stories in creative ways (with, for example, code, or data, or CGI, motion graphics, or a cohort of self-replicating, story-gathering robots) and you’re excited by this opportunity, we want to hear from you.

Pitch us a brilliant project about race and ethnicity — one that publishes early and often and takes advantage of the unique opportunities that working online provides.

Over the course of this embed, you will be both producing what you pitched, and teaming up with other journalists on related ideas. Expect to be prolific. Expect to iterate and collaborate.

Applications are due by Monday, July 25, 2016 at 5 pm Eastern Time.
Go to this link for more information and application instructions.