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“You can’t be what you can’t imagine.”

Wise words from Christy Haubegger, founder of Latina magazine. especially at a time when so many people have come to depend on “image” in making critical decisions. Media makers and content producers can take this to heart. There are so many ways to create and distribute a visual narrative to prompt a response. Now more than ever the impact of an image static or otherwise is a consideration before pressing the record button.

This is why I’m excited about MAKERS – especially for a generation that is image and media saturated and perhaps savvy at the same time. Having limitations on my media consumption as I child due to the finite media saturation of the times, I was left to my own imaginings. Did I believe women could go into space before Sally Ride made her historic flight? Heck yeah!

“Why not?” was always my M.O. Even with the limitations, I always saw the possibilities. I imagined and believed. Perhaps this was based on just the strength of the women in my life who could make something out of very little. Who indulged us in whatever dreams we pursued even if they couldn’t offer us the world or had any idea what was required to make the dream possible. Imagine if these wonderful women had access to more resources and opportunities. And yes, there were a few good men in the mix as well.

ITVS Community Cinema launches its 10th anniversary season of its outreach initiative with preview screenings from the second season of the PBS series MAKERS starting in September. The six-part PBS series profiles the impact women have had over the past 50 years in six industries — comedy, politics, space, war, business, and Hollywood. MAKERS is part of the Women and Girls Lead Initiative. MAKERS will have its television premiere on PBS starting September 30 (Check local listings for stations and times.)

Sometimes we need Show and Tell, plus some hands-on to make a story or idea stick. These are the steps for moving people from awareness to action. For women and girls MAKERS gives the dream makers a larger canvas for their imaginings. And for the women who find it a challenge to imagine, a roadmap to possibilities.

For more information about Community Cinema screenings of MAKERS in Washington, DC, visit communitycinema-dc.org. Or visit communitycinema.org for screenings in cities and communities across the United States.

Michon Boston
Michon Boston Group LTD